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FanXpert 3 Issue

So today I installed a new CPU cooler and afterwards had to reset my BIOS settings to default because it didn't like the overclock for whatever reason. I also had to rerun the fan tuning and now my fans have completely different settings from before....


With manual OC 49... Ai suite show 00% Cpu speed

I OC manually all Sync Cores, and set Multiplier to 49 like multiplier and seem stable in gaming but now in Air Suite 3 (last release9 i have 00 % like Cpu speed (??) while in Cpu-Z i see 4.900 where is wrong or me ?Thank again Hispa

Armoury Crate decided not to change the color of my ram anymore

i just setup a new pc.. its a TUF-Gaming x570 with a ryzen 5 3600. it has patriot viper rgb memory. (its in your partner list as usable)when i first installed everything the ram and board and header was selected as being color for some...

--Please remove--

I should have expected this, but once again, an AMD driver update breaks AURA. Just thought I'd give everyone else a heads up! Hopefully ASUS issues an update soon.

Revo to Get Rid of All Armoury Crate

If you have already uninstalled Armoury Crate, does anyone know how you would get Revo Uninstaller to then uninstall all the files still in your system left behind?

Can't install/run Ryzen Master

Just built new system (Zenith II Extreme, AMD 3960x), all working ok except I can't get Ryzen Master to run or re-install (assuming it was installed in the first place).After installing all motherboard software from the motherboard USB install stick,...

mboogie by Level 9
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Armory Crate(LightingService) 50% CPU usage...

Hi, I come here to report an occurrence, which may be going unnoticed for those who use ...Well, even if it's funny, the phrase: "RGB gives more FPS" ... What happens, of course, is just the opposite, we know that there is a CPU usage to process the ...

83428 83429 83430
Nesall by Level 8
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Asus ROG Scar III G731GW laptop software issues

Hi everyone,I just bought a brand new Asus laptop, the Scar III edition (G731GW). I love how it looks and how it performs.However, I have encountered issues from the first day of use. I will try to enumerate them below:1- ASUS number pad is not work...

Asus Aura 1.07.71 not opening

I installed the new version of Asus Aura today ( Version 1.07.71 ) and the app doesn't open and i get an error saying " Error Asus Aura is currently unavailable. please close Aura and check if Aura is installed and started properly." Obviously Asus A...