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AURA joys, not!!

My system - Zenith II Extreme + 3960xHmm...even more things are bugging out. Further to my recent post re Ryzen Master problem, we have a new one, and I'm a bit concerned about this one from a user perspective.New problem: Aura functionality bugs out...

mboogie by Level 9
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FanXpert 3 Issue

So today I installed a new CPU cooler and afterwards had to reset my BIOS settings to default because it didn't like the overclock for whatever reason. I also had to rerun the fan tuning and now my fans have completely different settings from before....

With manual OC 49... Ai suite show 00% Cpu speed

I OC manually all Sync Cores, and set Multiplier to 49 like multiplier and seem stable in gaming but now in Air Suite 3 (last release9 i have 00 % like Cpu speed (??) while in Cpu-Z i see 4.900 where is wrong or me ?Thank again Hispa

--Please remove--

I should have expected this, but once again, an AMD driver update breaks AURA. Just thought I'd give everyone else a heads up! Hopefully ASUS issues an update soon.

Can't install/run Ryzen Master

Just built new system (Zenith II Extreme, AMD 3960x), all working ok except I can't get Ryzen Master to run or re-install (assuming it was installed in the first place).After installing all motherboard software from the motherboard USB install stick,...

mboogie by Level 9
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Armory Crate(LightingService) 50% CPU usage...

Hi, I come here to report an occurrence, which may be going unnoticed for those who use ...Well, even if it's funny, the phrase: "RGB gives more FPS" ... What happens, of course, is just the opposite, we know that there is a CPU usage to process the ...

Nesall by Level 7
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