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Feature Aura Sync in Armoury Crate

how do i suggest feedback to improve aura sync integrated to armory Crate? I wish they introduced the possibility with the strix scar 3 to disable the LEDs around the body and leave only the LEDs for the key on

What's the purpose of EZ Update? I mean...

As the title says, what is the purpose of EZ Update?I mean a year has passed since my first install of this software alongside AI Suite 3, and NOT ONCE have I used it to update anything in my system.It never prompts me for updates yet, whenever I go ...

djhifi by Level 7
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Armoury Crate 出現大量BUG

出現大量BUG ROG Theta 7.1 可以連接燈光 不能控制和不同ASUS 驅動程式出現衝突 不完善 燈光不順 連刪除程式都不能 反裝想都不要想 要重新安裝WIN個人意見:ASUS要作出重大改善 修復BUG 和 驅動程式衝突 其他用家先不要用這個程式(用回最普遍官方程式)

Armoury Crate MB: .dll not found error

Hi,I'm running Armoury Crate v2.5.7.0. I had some previous issues, so I cleaned my system and re-installed. Now, when I click on the 'Device' tab, and select my MB (ROG Maximus XI Formula), the resulting page is white with the error "E7C8DA76-C9B9-42...

BizSAR by Level 9
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Asus Aura irregular breathing mode pattern.

There is something wrong with the breathing mode and Asus Aura for me. The breathing pattern is irregular. It will breath out but then flash right back. Flash out breath back in. Irregular and kind of erratic. I'm using version 1.07.71. I reinstalled...


untuk nyalakan keypad pada ROG G 552XV

Aura Sync 1.07.79 hangs when trying to enable spatha

Hi,As title. Aura Sync is now working for my claymore, but when I try and link my spatha, as I click save the application hangs and I have to reboot to make it useable again. This is on Win 10 pro 1903 build 18362.592.Any suggestions?I haven't tried ...

brian5 by Level 7
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Quick question about AsusMacroKey on a ROG-G752VY

I want to make some macros for the five macro keys that are on the laptop, I have AsusMacroKey installed, is there a ini file somewhere that records wat the macro is? like a txt document or something where I can view the key presses. any help would b...