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B450-f linux audio drivers?

Level 7
I'm currently troubleshooting some linux audio problems I'm having. I can't seem to find the issue, however one thing seems strange, the driver that is being loaded for SupremeFX is called "snd_hda_intel", which seems weird as from what I know SupremFX is based on some hardware from realtek. I was just hoping if somebody could double check what the audio driver for this motherboard is called on linux (well, on linux they aren't called drivers, they are called kernel modules, but everybody just calls them drivers). I can't seem to find a good answer for my motherboard on google.
EDIT: Or if anybody can tell me what exactly the what soundcard on this motherboard is based off (I remember my previous ROG motherboard with SuprememFX was basedoff the alc1150, so I just used the alc1150 linux driver, might be able to do the same here if somebody could tell me exactly what it's based on)