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Aura with Catastrophic Failure

Level 7
i got a problem with Aura yesterday, worked on this problem for several hours but i got nothing, so here is my explanation; first aura frozen, then i tried to close it but nothing happened, so itried to delete from control panel and i saw fatal error then i deleted manually from my hard drive after that downloaded new version from asus driver section, but i could not install because i got fatal error again, same error in the photo/ss, still i can see in my control panel aura but cant delete, what should i do? how can i solve this problem?
PS: Tamam = OK
Çok zararlı hata = catastrophic failure
i tried plug out 30sec or more then plug in but nothing happened, cant delete or cant install so i cant play with my RGB leds 😞
btw i have i7700k cpu, maximus hero ix motherboard and asus 1080ti strix gaming card