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AURA v1.05.25 [Report all issues in this thread]

Level 10
A new version of AURA software is available here. Before reporting, make sure to:
-> Uninstall previous version of AURA through the Control Panel and reboot your system.
-> Run "setup" as Administrator (Right click on "Setup" and "Run as Administrator")
-> Reboot your computer before starting the new AURA
-> If you are still having problem with installing AURA, please run the AURACleaner once you've uninstall and reboot your computer and before launching the "Setup" file.

Changelog v1.05.25

  • Update CPU-Z 1.79.1 or later version to avoid conflict with Aura
  • Features new UI with RGB value direct key-in
  • Fix Aura reset to default when booting and waking up from sleep

For X99 chipset motherboards: to enable DRAM LEDs control, please go to BIOS / Ai Tweaker (or Extreme Tweaker) /DRAM Timing Control / DRAM SPD Write : Enabled
For Corsair Memory, due to hardware compatibility limitation, the Breathe and Color Cycle effect do not work.

Known issues

  • Corsair 16GB kits (2x8GB) not detecting in AURA software -> Try out the BETA version that fix the issue
  • Issues with the wave effect not working properly
  • Install problem with Windows Fall Creators Update => Temporary solution available here
  • CPU loading issue with system freezing

And don't forget, Keep pushing it !
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Level 7
Seems to randomly change my settings from how they are set to something random, then (without me changing it) I restart, and it's back to normal... it some times randomly adds devices to the sync (such as I don't sync my RAM, but it will sometimes enable it it's self)

Also, Could I make a suggestion? it would be nice to be able to set each individual 'zone' as it's own effect, so I could say, have "Rainbow" on the Audio, and a single colour via my MB-Header as an example..

I could also then set my RAM to do something different to the rest, as the real 'multi colour' effect is their default....

I have to say, I have a Gladius II, and have a similar issue with ROG Armory (Already posted on that thread, months ago) - where it will randomly forget bits of the profile, or change it completely...

When trying to open Aura, recieves the following popup/windows dialog box: "Unable to obtain AURA-enabled device inforamtion", Then it pops up an empty Aura scree (noting under Syncronized, Settings, or Shut Down).

Generates the following DrDump page:

Uninstalled. Ran AuraClean. Reinstalled Lighting_Control_1.05.25 as administrator.

This is a new build with a fresh install of Windows 10.

MB: Asus ROG Strix B350-F Gaming
Firmware: 3203
Processor: Ryzen 5 1600X
OS: Win10 Pro (64-Bit) 1709 build 16299.64
Memory: 2x8G Gskill Trident Z RGB
VGA: Asus Radeon RX 580 OC 4GB
Cooler: AMD Wraith Spire RGB
Mouse: Logitech G403 wireless
Keyboard: Logitech G810

Level 10
Thanks everyone for your feedback for the 1.05.25 version of AURA software.

The version 1.05.27 is now available.


Read the FAQ

To report new issues, you can go to the dedicated thread. Make sure to read the first post before posting.
And don't forget, Keep pushing it !