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Aura + time of day profiles?

Level 7
There are a few quirks with Aura, but overall i'm mostly happy with it so far.

My case is a Meshify C, which has a very dark tinted glass and a perfect compliment to Aura. Rainbow is perfect during daytime, but at night even with the tinted glass, becomes too bright.

I switch Aura to a dark color and set to one of the always' modes so its less intrusive during nightime.

Is it possible to add on a time of day setting and attach an Aura profile to it? eg RAINBOW from 6am-6PM then STARRY NIGHT from 6PM-6AM?

Level 7
Like FoX, it will be a very nice feature to add with the Aura Software. More and more people are now buying computer with light effect. Be able to change Aura effect for day and night is a must have.

Please Asus, do something about it, and all Asus member will be very happy.