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Aura Terminal Halo on laptop.

Level 7
I think I've got a solution and it is working, but I want to check if anyone has a better solution.

When trying to set up Halo on my Strix Scar II, I could not get it to work and it would crash saying that it didn't have enough resources despite being the only thing running and system resources being barely used. I could use it with Armory Crate Aura Sync just fine, and I was taking it off Sync before trying Halo. No luck. I tested Halo on a desktop, worked fine. Tested on an Acer Predator Helios laptop, no Halo. I figure the issue is because the screens on the laptops are shared between integrated and dedicated graphics while the desktop monitors were plugged straight into the graphics card. I disabled the Intel graphics and reset the laptop and tried Halo again and now it works. I know I'll have to reenable integrated graphics if I want to use the laptop unplugged for some reason and also for my 3d program since I don't want extraneous things taking up VRAM when rendering.

Tldr; i made halo work on my Strix Scar II by disabling the Intel Graphics