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AURA SYNC switches to color cycle when I select rainbow in ARMOURY CRATE

Level 7

I recently purchased (December 30, 2019) an Asus ROG G731GU PC, and when I set the lighting on the keyboard to Rainbow in Armoury Crate, the keyboard lights up as if it were set to color cycle.
I don't know why. 😞

Do you have a solution ?

Level 7
same problem here


My problem is still present.

I had found, on an Asus Zentalk forum, a person who suggested a manipulation to do to perform the KB Firmware update. But I didn’t test it. (see attachment)

In addition, on Facebook, another person told me that he had disabled the speed boost, or something like that, in the power settings and that it had helped solve the backlight problem. But I couldn’t find that parameter.

aldrin wrote:
same problem here

Have the same problem for my g731gu.
Does some one manage to fix this?


Following the release of a new version of the update "KB Firmware Update Tool", I managed to perform the update. However, this did not solve the problem of keyboard lighting.

So I decided to send my computer to Asus for repair.
Apparently, they changed the keyboard. But it’s been six weeks since my equipment was at their house and I haven’t really heard from them. I think it’s a long time.

Hello Devs,

This is to inform you that your update on the Armoury Crate V4.1.6.0 is bugged, after updating....the Rainbow AURA mode is looking similar to the Color Cycle. Fix It please. Expecting a help.

Yours Thankfullly,
Agnivesh Sen
Laptop - ROG Strix G15 (G512LI)