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Aura Sync Music mode not working

Level 7
As title say
All other modes work.
When Music mode is activated, All RGB goes black and when I play something nothing happens.
It use to work last year when I build the rig.
Over that time had issue syncing Rainbow mode with my GPU, instead was Cycle color mode, only way to get Rainbow mode was to unsync from other hardware and select rainbow mode on its own, problem was solved after Motherboard firmware update.
And few days ago, when had friend visit me, I wanted to show music mode, and then discovered the issue with it.

Any ideas how to fix it.
Have already attempting reinstalling Armoury Crate. Not helped

Armoury Crate V5.0.11.0
Motherboard Asus ROG Strix X570-E, Bios Version 4021
Win 10 Pro fully updated

Please help.

Level 7

Hi there. Apologies about reviving an old post. Did you ever find a solution for this as i have the same issue on a new build (with fresh windows 11 install)