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AURA Sync can't find my Philips Hue and up Sennheiser GSX 1000!

Level 7
Thank you for removing the whole posting, so i can typ it again and practice my english skillz.

Ok like i said, i installed the newest aura sync 1.06.29 but it cannot find my philips hue and if i hit the refresh button it blocks / messes up my Sennheiser GSX 1000 Headset!

Someone with the same problem and knows how to slove it?

PS. Huedynamic, Screenbloom etc can find my HUE!
PPS. Can you add support for the z170 boards? -.-'

Level 7
BE HAPPY IT CANT FIND IT!!!!! Not joking, i was looking for hours to get rid of it after the first morning it turned ALL 14 of my Hue lights red throughout the house.....
Be patient for i guess an other year or so........... because the only thing it can do is to sync the current aura effect to the Hue HUB, no group/room selection, no different effects for different things....... nothing....... just plain crap.