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[AURA] Share with us your features ideas

Level 10
You have a new feature idea to be implemented in AURA? Then share it and described it in this thread!
And don't forget, Keep pushing it !
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in the fact, Asus has bad support for gl553vd aura core app because we can't set many effects for the keyboard ( only we have 2 or 3 effects).
please add the effects :
Flashes on & off
Glowing Yoyo
Music effect

Its a Start... Need Rog Aura Terminal to sync all... :cool:

As the title said . The addressable rgb header is not addressable. Even with the ROG addressable led strip. Sure rainbow will change them individually but i can not change each led to the color i want to. Is this not what addressable means. The ability to change each led to the color we want to needs to be added or no longer advertise these headers as addressable.

1) Gaming mode - Colour sync to game actions. URGENT.
2) Auto update function
3) Integrate Aura in Armour or inverse.
4) Stability Sync.

If you have a look at my build, you'll notice my reviews on 2 aura products:

The only reason I gave them 4 stars is that the effects weren't up to scratch with my Corsair iCue enabled devices. Please make them have at least SOME of the effects that iCue has! My favourites are Pong and Rain, But also can there at least be effects that can be saved to a library so that you don't have to reconfigure them every time? Layers of effects can be helpful, too- you know what? Just copy iCue. If ASUS AURA can get half the features that iCue has then I'll be forever happy. I'll even support the development, I'll do the betas, just please for the love of RGB, get some effects that are worth the software!
(I only use the static profiles at this time).
* *- cbrookhouse

Asus Aura is a nice software when it works. I would love to have more customization to my RGB setup.

I should be able to have a separate RGB for my RAM & VGA instead of sync all.

how about getting it working , before you add features that wont load up anyways

That aurasync works with Hyperx predator modules :enojado:

I would like to see a way to set the RAM at either rainbow or another effect, BUT also have the ability to set other zones to STATIC color.

This way my RAM could be looking nice in Lightning STORM effect and the other zones just a Static Color.

1) It will be great to automatically turn off the RGB of RAM when computer entering sleep
2) Reducing CPU usage when running any RGB effect that is not static.
3) Unifying ASUS experience app. Right now there are way too many apps from ASUS claiming to control the same RGB settings. It is super confusing for new customers. Like do I install AI Suite 3, Armoury Crate, AURA Sync, or AURA (Graphics Card) to control RGB on motherboards or GPU? What is the relation between the software settings and the BIOS settings? Why the Armoury Crate told me to update a BIOS to a version older than what my motherboard already has?