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Aura - Maximus VIII Formula

Level 10
I seem to have misplaced my motherboard CD somewhere after doing a reinstall a while back. I was wondering if anyone could point me to the latest AURA files for the Maximus VIII Formula and GTX 1080A. If i go by the downloads in my archive the MB aura.exe has a fileversion of (dating back to november 2015) and hasn't been updated on the site in years and the AURA(GRAPHICS CARD).exe has a file version of

Are there newer versions? Has anyone tried AURA Sync with the M VIII Formula and the GTX 1080A?

Kind regards, and thanks for any assistance in advance

Hi Ch3vr0n

The Maximus VIII series motherboards do not support Aura Sync.

There is a newer version of Aura for the M8F dated 2016/06/07 and a newer version for the Strix 1080A,

These can be found at the ASUS Support Center.

Strix 1080A

Maximus VIII Formula

Level 10
Well that's just dumb since on the mini-site

the Z-170 Pro IS supported and that thing isn't anywhere near as advanced as the formula, and so is the A8G card. Ah well, typical asus to drop support for tools i guess. Have they even fixed the AI Suite bug yet, where it wouldn't load if you had a dedicated graphics card installed?

This error (my topic)

Level 7

Same issue in 2023, only the link below isn't available anymore.
Maximus VIII Formula isn't compatable with the new AuraSync 
Anyone know where I can find the old Aura that worked with this?



You can get Aura for the ROG Maximus VIII Formula at the ASUS Support Center.

In the link below....

Select your operating system, scroll down to Software and Utility, just below that click "show all" in red, scroll down to the first Asus Lighting Control, this will be the latest download.

Should work great for you.

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