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AURA Lighting Service using high CPU resources

Level 8
Running the latest version as of this post - I end up having to force quit the Lighting Service process, as it uses between 10-15% of the CPU resources. If I can't find a fix, I'm just going to uninstall and turn all the LED off, it's really not that important.

Anyone have a fix or ideas of what's going on? Thanks

This helped me! Thanks a lot.

Thank you. This worked. 

Even with the i9 13900 @stock speeds I had like 8-10% cpu usage. Ridiculous imo. 

I have g skill RAM with backlight, but there was no such load on the processor! The Rainbow mode was always on. Recently, the 11600k processor started to load by 10 percent due to the Lighting Service. So this is a bug in the software

You claim:

"The problem is inherent, to set the colors on DIMM memory sticks is only possible via SPD programming afaik, and that is CPU intensive."


But this is absolutely not the case! Since I installed the Trident Z lighting control software and it doesn't load the CPU!
With any backlight mode! We come to the conclusion that Asus programmers will bring the software to mind!

Level 7

Tính đến tháng 2023/<>, ASUS vẫn chưa khắc phục điều này

Level 7

Here the same.

G.Skill Trident Z5 NEO EXPO RGB, when i enable them in Aura, i get 7% load (on 8 cores 16 Threads, so that is 7%*16 = 112% load on one cpu core) which is full throttle on one cpu core. There is definately something buggy.

I hope they will fix it otherwise we will have to abandon the asus