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AURA is not working for me

Level 7
so i have recently gotten my hands on a asus ROG laptop, though when i install aura and launch it, it wont change the color of my keyboard.

any help will be nice.

extra information.
laptop model: ASUS-FX753VD (visit this site)
OS: windows 10

Level 11
You might need to describe your situation in a little more detail, as a minimum how you got there and what you've done.

Try checking out THIS YOUTUBE VIDEO, it appears straight forward, and perhaps there is something you missed? The music is really lame, but look at the whole procedure just to be sure.

Also, I flipped through the user's manual for your laptop to see if there is any BIOS setting you need to enable, but the manual doesn't go thru the BIOS in detail. Have you checked in your Advanced options to see if there is anything there you need to switch on to enable keyboard lighting customization? Probably not, but worth a look maybe.