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AURA firmware is fundamentally bugged - FIX your programming ASUS - int8 vs uint8

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Your AURA firmware is fundamentally bugged and thats why you wont allow more than 120 addressable LEDs - fix your programming

Based on my test, currently, the maximum number of supported addressable LEDs is 127 (despite 120 being software cap in Aura, i achieved 127 using *.xml trick but not more).
The 127 seems like awfully random and arbitrary number.... but its not. Asus Aura uses separate embedded controller for its RGB control with its own firmware. Most common are 8-bit MCUs which operate on 8-bit data types. Lets look at data type called int8, it can store values from -128 to +127 Coincidence? I think not. If we start indexing LEDs from 1 to 127 then it matches perfectly why the 127 is maximum number of addressable LEDs supported by Asus Aura.

And inb4 "we cant update firmware", yes you can, in one of troubleshooting thread you published a tool that can reflash Asus Aura controller firmware (you were suggesting people to do it if their RGB motherboards are not detected.

FIX your programming ASUS, the proper data type should be uint8 that can store numbers from 0 to 255 which would allow to index LEDs up to 255 or even uint16. We don't need negative LED indices....
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