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AURA Customization

Level 8
How about bringing actual customization into Aura. My god the choices are lack luster at best. Would be nice to breath multiple colors of my choosing along with the same fore color change vs the software just taking over and cycling the rainbow. Not everyone likes a rainbow. It would also be nice to adjust the speed/frequency of said changes and any others.

Level 7
So just wondering if this is possible? I have a Maximus IX hero, Trident Z RGB, LED strips etc... All hooked to aura sync. I'm just wondering if it's possible to set different effects for each. For example I would like to set the g skill RAM to gradient rainbow effect selecting the colors from like blue to Green. Then have my motherboard lights be set to my temperature, and then have the led strips do a breathing effect. As of right now if I select gradient they are all doing that Mobo, memory, LED's. Static same thing, etc.. I've searched everywhere and I'm probably out of luck but I figured asking here is worth a shot because I really hope, if not now at least eventually, that it will be possible to set different effects and profiles for seperate components. Thanks for the heads up my specs are:

Maximus IX hero z270
I7 7700k
32Gb g.skill Trident Z RGB (4x8)
Phanteks glacier 1080ti waterblock
Phanteks LED strips RGB
Phanteks enthoo evolv atx tg
Windows 10 home 64bit
Aura v1.05.11(I think, whichever is the latest update I know it's 1.5 something)

*NOTE* I split these comments off the main announcement thread since that one is old and they wouldn't be noticed.
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