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Aura Creator ARGB Gen 1 shows as standard RGB

Level 7
I have 2 x halo fans connected to two of the argb headers on my Z590-F, and these show up in aura creator nicely with the ability to easily control each individual led (or groups of them as layers) allowing me to completely customise the fans to y liking.

Why though when I connect a simple argb strip to the 3rd argb header does it only allow it to be controlled as one item i.e. not allow the ability to control each led or just groups of the leds in the strip like the others. It has that capability so should be able to no problem but it acts similar to an rgb strip, albeit I can apply some of the standard argb patterns. Technically there is no reason why it couldn't be displayed the same as the fans.

The only difference i can see is that the fans allow you to set them as gen 2 argb and the strip as gen 1. This doesn't change the argb functionality though just the ability to split multi devices off one header.

If anyone can explain whether this is expected behaviour as a starting point that would be great.