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AURA Creations sharing should be a thing

Level 7
Why hasn’t ASUS made a place/team that just makes a bunch of AURA Creations, or allows enthusiasts to upload there creations and have other people able to download them and run them. I love my RGB keyboard on my laptop, but it gets a little boring seeing the same things over and over. Why not make it so some guy who is a true RGB AURA Creator enthusiast able to upload what he’s made so I can enjoy them as well? It would be so simple to make and I’m sure it would make a bunch of people pretty happy. The way I’m looking at this right now is like desktop backgrounds. I can just google nice backgrounds and boom, websites, pictures, u name it. I feel like if you made it that easy to share AURA Creations a lot people would be much more enthusiastic about this stuff. Also... I was looking at a friends gaming laptop and he has more AURA keyboard options than I have?.... *