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Aura conflicting with external Sound Blaster audio card

Level 7
Hi all, I ran into a weird issue after installing the latest Aura software version. I have a Z270I motherboard and a Sound Blaster X-Fi 5.1 Pro external sound card, which is connected to a 7 port USB hub that is plugged into the motherboard. After installing Aura and rebooting, the sound card was turned off at the hub source. If I unplug the sound card, then plug it back in, Aura stops working and the software crashes every time I start it. Furthermore any Creative software I have installed crashes as soon as any sound plays on my speakers. Rebooting the PC yields the same results, the sound card is turned off and Aura works fine. Uninstall Aura and the sound card works fine.

Is this a known issue at all?

Level 7
Fixed it by reverting to 1.05.28, everything before this version works, everything after conflicts.

EDIT: Never mind, the issue is back on. This is the weirdest thing...