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Aura and GPU Tweek II problems

Level 7
I am at a complete loss on what to do. MY Aura and GPU Tweek II will not save a color scheme or a OC setting. I have to continuously redo the color scheme and the OC settings every time I turn my computer on. I have done everything I know including deletion, regedit, gone back to previous versions, etc. Am I just missing something that's obvious or is the asus software really that bad. Oh, I have even done a clean install of windows to no avail. Any help would be appreciated.

Level 7
So I spend £220 on Z390-E Gaming mobo, nice upgrade. Except AURA doesn't work anymore, spent multiple hours trying to find out why and reinstalling but still no luck. If anyone can give me an insight on a fix please let me know as all I can see in my pc is out of sync rainbow miss match. You would expect you spend a decent amount of money on a new mobo that their software would actually work. I don't know any other company I have used that would have this issue.