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Aura & GPU tweak

Level 7
HI guys,

My new gpu has arrived today.

After installing it, I have set it to OC profile in GPU tweak. If I uninstall GPU tweak, will my card still be in OC mode?

And about lighting.
Before GPU arrived, i had only MOBO, to set the lighting on.
I set a static color while PC is on and no light when in sleep/off. After that I have unistalled the Aura software and lighting settings remained as I configgured them.
Now with gpu added, I'm unable to do the same.
While windows is loaded, the light in fine, but while PC is loading, gpu's light is flashing orange (like it's default setting) and MOBO is just out of light.

Can someone guide me throught?

And what are those? There are also services with similar names. How do I get rid if this?

Thanx in advance!

Level 15
GPU Tweak II needs to apply the OC profile with each Windows restart.

There is a separate AURA software for only the GPU. And those services are for the ASUS programs.

Level 7
But MOBO's aura also changes gpu's light.
Or should i use 2 auras? 1 for MB and 1 for gpu?

About those services, i know they are for these programms, but they are left after i unistalled everything. How do i clean them up?
Services are still running.

UPD: Have installed both Aura. Light are doing whatever they want. Is there somekind of sequence?

Level 7
Ok, the lighting seems to be tamed.

Now for the services.
-ASUS Com Service (asComSvc)
-ASUS HM Com Service (asHmComSvc)

Aren't these left after unistalling Aura and GPU tweak?

Level 7
Ok, thank you, that's already enough to say that I can delete them.
I saw a post in which some kind of tool was given, but the link died.
AI suit clean up/unistall tool, does anyone still have it?
Share please!

Level 15

Level 7
I have managed to set the lighting as i want, so i have deleted Aura.
And after CCleaner cleaned the registry one of those services was removed. So it's from Aura.
And the second if propably GPU tweak.