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AURA 1.05.38 [Report all issues in this thread]

Level 12
AURA 1.05.38

Can install and run on laptops and any PC platform
Can run with only Aura Sync peripherals
Update Aura desktop logo
Increase the support number of Addressable LED to 120 for each Addressable header
Improve system stability
Improve and adjust effect settings
Add multi-language support
for Windows 7 32-bit & 64-bit, Windows 8.1 64-bit, Windows 10 64-bit (support depends on CPU)



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I still have the same two issues with Aura:

- Often after Standby S3 or Hibernate S4, the settings are lost. The behaviour is different, but most of the time keyboard (claymore) and mouse (gladius II) get unsynced from the rest of the system. Sometimes the DRAM modules (tridentZ) are completely gone from the software until reboot. And often the pattern is changed from static color to changing color and breathing.

- It is possible to address the RGB headers of my Maximus HERO IX separately, with different colos etc. I use them for CPU watercooler (captain ex rgb) and case fans (masterfans). However, it is not possible to address them separately in the order of certain modes like comet, i. e. they always do the same as the mainboard. It would be a huge improvement if they could also be addressed separately with regards to the order.

Any comment from ASUS on these issues / requests?

Yeah, I realized in my last comment I didn't include what motherboard it was.

It's a Z370-E Gaming (WiFi). Edited that into my comment.

I have no other Aura components installed - just the motherboard "Back IO" is not responding to any changes to new "Sync at Shutdown" settings. Attempting a change results in the software reverting to the default (Rainbow @ Medium Speed).

All of that said, is ASUS really reading these? The thread appears to be started by just a normal user, not a mod or admin or anything. Plus, the thread version number isn't right, there needs to be a new thread made for the current version (1.06.29).

I may just contact ASUS directly.

Level 7
Recently bought an ASUS ROG Strix SCAR Edition GL703GS-E5011, did a clean w10 install and when trying to start AURA 1.06.17 it didn't even do anything at first, then unistalled it, installed it through *both* Windows 10 apps which none of them made a different response, and reinstalled it again executing the setup as an administrator, which this time made AURA show an "ASUS AURA stopped working" right when I ran the application.

Level 9
Lights won't turn off when pc is off even thoug this is seleceted in bios (and in aura).
AURA 1.06.17 is as buggy/laggy and ....... as it was since day 1

Level 7
I've never seen such a lack of effort from a company to try and help their consumers with their product. I do love ASUS and ROG products but ASUS Aura Sync was supposed to be the flagship lighting system for PC build enthusiasts that like a little RGB flare in their builds. I have been waiting for some kind of fix for this for years and only come back to the forums and threads to see that it's just people struggling with a simple request that seems to be ignored forever. I'm disappointed Asus

Level 9
Forget it, I am moving everything to corsair for lighting and will just leave the motherboard and RAM on AURA (Rampage VI & G.Skill ).

The amount of control iCue offers vs Aura makes it look like even worse. And yes iCue works fine on my system.

It's not only the fact that Aura is not working properly, it is also really poor when it comes to LED control.

I agree their motherboards are great hardware wise but their software is simply not working so one should consider this when buying on the features advertised. Up to now I was exclusively Asus but on an upcoming gaming PC built I will look elsewhere.
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