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Audio Issues

Level 7

Anyone else has had issues with no sound even with wired headphones and earbuds and can only use Bluetooth devices? I have only used Bluetooth speakers and Bluetooth earbuds and headphones for like 2 years I have finally updated to Windows 11 and contacted Microsoft and Asus and nothing fixed my speaker issue cause I know if speaker work then I could possibly get the headphone jack to work. My Bluetooth headphones and earbuds drain battery fast even fully charged and I know I got like 3 or 4 headphones I can try it with when I get it up and going again. I miss listening to music and playing on my 2 in 1 tablet laptop which I did that a lot especially when I was having to manually take orders down and pick up times for when working with my x fiance dad business I zoned in and away I went and stayed up till like 4 doing this it was wild.