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Audio issues with Sonic Studio 3

Level 7
I had to deactivate Sonic Studio 3 because of the audio issues it causes, especially in games (e.g. NieR Automata, CoD: Advanced Warfare, The Disappearing of Gensokyo, VRChat) With it activated I have NO sound at all or very low sound, and that's only when Sonic Studio is running. Some programs crash because the sound "isn't compatible" and some others just don't work.
I want to use Sonic Studio because I think it's necessary for a good performance of the laptop, but those problems are driving me mad, I can't fix them. I have reinstalled the audio drivers and Sonic Studio several times but it's useless, I downloaded them from the official site.

Some websites say I have to change my configuration to "5.1 Surround" but I only have "Stereo", and that doesn't change if Sonic Studio is activated or not. The "5.1" option doesn't exist.
I have a ROG Strix GL503VD with Windows 10 - Version 1809 (October 2018 update).

Can you help me?

Level 7
Same issues here with Sonic Studio III installed, even if left on OFF in his settings.
Very low audio in PUBG, no audio at all in Bad Company 2.

If I uninstall SSIII and run CCleaner to clean the registry, they come back to sound normally.

edit: I have a Crosshair VII WIFI + Ryzen 7 2700X.

I found I was having a lot of issue's with my sound not working properly. After uninstalling Sonic Studio 3 the sound on my Crosshair VII WIFI seems to have improved greatly. Anyone ever experience this.