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ATK Package for GL503VD

Level 7
I was trying to download the latest drivers for my laptop, ASUS GL503VD, but I got confused on which one is the latest driver for the ATK Package.
If I we're to based on the date it was released, obviously the one with 2019/03/27 should be the latest driver.
But if I were to based on the version number, obviously the one dated 2018/02/16 is newer since it has the latest version number.

I sent a Technical Inquiry on about this but it seems like a bot replied to my ticket just saying:
"As per checking, the latest is dated 2019/03/27. You may download the latest file."

I even included the screenshot but since it's a bot, have no idea what I'm talking about and don't understand the screenshot at all.
Screenshot below.

As shown on the screenshot, the latest version is 1.0.0057 which is dated 2018/02/06. The other 2 have the same version number which is 1.0.0056.
I downloaded the one with the 2019 date but extracting it says file version is 1.0.0056. If it was really an updated version, that should be 1.0.0058, not *.56.