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AsusUpdateCheck.exe reappears after reboot

Level 7
I stumbled into the AsusUpdateCheck.exe issue when I was uninstalling AI Suite 3. This program appears in the Windows/System32 folder after each reboot. No matter what I do - stop the service and delete the file - it reappears again after each reboot of the system. I'm sure I'm not the only one that has this situation. In one of the many misleading threads discussing this "program" and all the potential virus infections etc., etc. I did find one thread in Ten Forums that concluded the ASUS BIOS maybe plugging this program into the System32 folder when the system is booted. I am not aware of any problems with my system when this program/service is running but am curious to get a rational explanation of what the the heck is going on and why I'm the only one chasing this mystery.

Level 7

In Microsoft Store settings turn off automatic applications update. Open the Microsoft Store. Click on the three dots in the top right corner and click on Settings. Under Settings > App updates, toggle Update apps automatically on or off.

Level 7

2023 and this rootkit is still in my systen on new AM5. Great job asus assholes! Trying to kill my CPU/MB with overvolting, installing malware and voiding my warranty by installing CPU killer fix. This is my last time I'm buying anything from ASUS.

Anyone can recommend good MB brand?