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AsusSetup appeared in Task manager

Level 9
This wouldn't concern me if I was actually installing something but I'm not. AsusSetup just appeared in Task Manager and appears to be doing nothing. I can't find a service to disable. Nor can I find a scheduled task to load it. It doesn't appear anywhere in AutoRuns or the Registry. And Windows Update history doesn't show anything related to Asus either. It it makes any difference the file is located in c:\programdata\UWP. So how and why is this loading?

Oh and I don't have Armory Crate or AI suite installed either. I've been getting random crashes and I'm trying an install of windows with a bare minimum installed to see if I can pin it down. I'm absolutely trying to stop my PC installing *anything* without me knowing until I get the crashes resolved. So having a process that (at least by implication) may install updates to Asus drivers is a problem.