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Asus TUF Gaming K7 Keyboard Armoury Crate Profile Problem

Level 7
I started experiencing a strange error after recent updates.

I explain my problem step by step;

1. I'm clearing the onboard memory profiles by pressing the FN + ESC keys.

2. I'm clearing my Armory Crate profiles. All in default settings.

3. I adjust my custom color settings and copy all profiles to onboard memory.

After doing this, some of my keys are getting mixed up. For example, button 7 = becomes Backspace, button 5 = becomes button Y.

When I don't do step 3, I restart the computer, the same problem is experienced again. I constantly have to use the keyboard in the DEFAULT profile, which does not allow me to customize the colors.

When I look at the keyboard button list, everything is as it should be. When I reset the malfunctioning button, the button is fixed, but it is broken after each reboot.

Has anyone had this problem? What can I do?

Level 7