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ASUS Support page

Level 13
Good morning ASUS. Support page is down. I try since yesterday again.

Bios and firmware is ok. But drivers and tools you select the os type, and there is NO results.

I try 4 boards and 3 video cards and is the same

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Level 14
I have had the same issue for some time know, but not for every board model

Menthol wrote:
I have had the same issue for some time know, but not for every board model

so far i test boards: z170/z270/z370 rog hero. GPU 1080ti/1080/1060
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Level 40
I have had the same thing.

I had to change browser to IE or Edge and then for some platforms change the country.

Frustrating to say the least. Have bumped this up the ladder.
To help us help you - please provide as much information about your system and the problem as possible.

Level 40

Just add a "/" at the end of the address of the support page of your motherboard and it should be good.

Level 9
When I have this problem, usually a web browser cleanup resolves the issue, however frustrating it is..

you should visit the website through another country's version
for example, search for your model on canadian or indian asus site
worked for me

If i visit the driver page after i was at the ROG forum the ROG cookies seem to confuse the driver page. Deleting all cookies solves the prob in Firefox. I use the cookie autodelete add-on.