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Asus software sucks and support even more

Level 8
Live dash and aura sync is complete garbage. Both have not worked for months and Asus never replies to emails about it.
Last time I will ever buy a Asus product. Software is plain garbage. $600 XI extreme and none of the software works.
Also had to install a soundcard because onboard auto crackles like crazy and many people have made post about it with no reply.
Worse Support I have ever seen.

Level 7
The X570 Strix-E is my first RGB Motherboard and i dont know how it looks with Gigabyte, MSI or Asrock but i can agree with you.

Doesnt matter if Armoury Crate or Fan Xpert or the BIOS. Everything has bugs in it and it doesnt get fixed and i didnt saw any offical response to the problems here in the Forum. Granted i dont look into every Thread but still.

I originally bought Asus because i thought you pay a premium price for better support and better software but i guess you just pay premium so the CEO has a higher Bonus at the end of the year.