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Asus software for monitoring system , cpu , gpu etc....

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does asus have any software for this?

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No not really
AI suite 3 or what ever version it's on now
GPU Tweak for gpu
Not very good either one .

HWInfo free can monitor quite a bit and is pretty easy to see everything on a single page if using sensors only option and my preference
Stand alone download is what I use it really doesn't install just unzip and go to the exe file make a shortcut to desktop.

So can SIV64 free but this one is very complex don't have a download link for it though some people prefer it for it's accuracy.

I have read your quarry in detail and I guess you have to try some resource monitoring and management tool to solve your issue. This following link will also guide you about resource monitoring software Try PA storage monitor as it seems to be the solution of your trouble.

Just see the topic that it is all about Asus software for monitoring system , cpu , gpu etc so in case you think read more here will be the only source for all of you then i hope you the best so you cna dig a bit more facts for us to log into this topic for some time now.

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marships4 wrote:
does asus have any software for this?

Not Asus, but a very comprehensive and well supported monitoring tool is HWINFO64. It monitors everything you could want about your processor, memory, motherboard, graphics (both descrete and on chip graphics), disk drives, and utilization of these resources. You can graph a time series on all of the data it monitors.

Asus has AISuite that is a monitoring/Windows overclocking and fan control tool. It can monitor CPU voltage and temps and a limited number of other board voltages.

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