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ASUS software/firmware new build

Level 7
I currently run SABERTOOTH Z97 MARK 1 (SOCKET 1150) and have over time been experiencing all sorts of trouble.
Slow boot times. Crashes, errors.
I have installed all ASUS utilities as suggested for the mobo. When I attempted to uninstall AI Suite, things got worse. All fans ran full speed until I installed another software to take them down, now I have trouble controlling them properly or allowing them to control automatically. atkexComSvc.exe running 25% CPU. and other problems as well

So to the issue.
I have bought a ROG-STRIX-Z390-F-GAMING
I am now looking for information on which utilities, tools, software, firmware that is required for things to run smoothly.
I am also looking for which of the above to avoid. And which does not matter.
For example I read a lot of people have issues with AI Suite. Also AURA seems problematic at the time?
I also see things recommended such as Armoury Crate and Sonic Studio III.
In AI Suite i see Dual Intelligent Processors, EZ Update, System Information.

Seems like a long list can be built here.

I am interested in a build that works properly, tired of having to figure out problems.
So for example, is anything required to allow the fans to increase/decrease depending on temps?

Hope I can get some assistance in this.