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Asus Rog Strix Scar G532LWS-AZ155t Keyboard not working after updae

Level 7
Hello my name is Dennis and i have this problem with my Asus Rog Strix Scar g532LWS-AZ155T after updateing my Keyboard with Rog Keyboard Firmware tool V2.5.2 and AURA through MyAsus it just stopped working.Just lights up red and dosent work. AURA Sync doesnt see my keyboard.Tried every solution(Fix) on this forum, on asus site, no result.
What i tried so far:
1.Reinstalling fresh version of windows,no result, same problem
2.Updating every driver to last version even BIOS,no result,same problem
3.Restoring to previous version of windows,no result,same problem
4.Restoring through Bitlocker, no result,same problem
5.Tried loggin in safe mode no result,same problem
6.Tried discharging battary to 0% unplaggin battery from notebook, holding power for 40 seconds, no result,same problem
Funny thing is that if i log on to bios the keyboard works perfectly, but when i log in to windows it stops working. Also if i hook up a USB keyboard and press for example Caps Lock i see the red light light up on my notebook keyboard. Num pad works on my touch where the mouse is.
Weird thing is that when the notebook goes to sleep the keyboard AURA starts to change to diffrent colors but when i log on to windows it turns solid red.
So when i update my keyboard through ROG Keyboard Firmware Tool V2.5.2 it blocks my keyboard and i get the next message "There are no avaliable keyboard frimware in the update tool folder" and the app just shuts of in the middle of the process without unblocking my keyboard, so where can i get this firmware to put it in that folder? Asus support only sends me the same Keyboard firmware tool......... i cant take my notebook to asus service because i need it for work and i cant wait 45 days...... And why does this even happen on a notebook for 2300$ WTF man! 88728 88729

UPDATE: Now i get this!?Whats up with the drivers man.......
UPDATE 2: KeyStone stopped working just now! wtf is going on with this computer complitly messed up soooooo annoying that i cant work normally. NEED FIX REALLY BAD!
UPDATE 3: OMG every minute new crap! getting pissed off for buying such crap! i think going to SUE you guys! notebook for 2300$ complitly dosent work.

UPDATE! Well after 4 days trying to fix my laptop with asus support it just F*CKing died. A new laptop! If they don’t replace it or give my money back I’m SUING THEM for sure!

UPDATE5: After a few weeks of this hell asus is going to replace my laptop with a new one or they will refund it. It’s for me to choose. I would recommend not to update firmware on your keyboard for now until I get a full report on why this happened i’ll post the report here as soon as I get it.*
Last Update: Well a couple of weeks ago asus replaced my laptop to a new one for now it works perfectly no issuse what so ever. About the old laptop they just took it back to china and i have no feedback what went wrong with it have no idea.

Level 7
Update 6: On New laptop wifi stopped working after updating everything on the laptop.........wft is up with these laptops??????