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Asus ROG Scar Hero 3 (G531GW) lid logo problem

Level 7
Hello everyone,
I recently bought a scar hero 3 laptop (G531GW model), and since i got it the lid logo has not been functional. I think it's a firmware problem, but i'm not sure.
I am not able to control it too much from aura creator (it seems to follow an effect if i try to select one, but it will only change colors between white and cyan, no other color is available). I've also tried getting in touch with asus support, which was a waste of time, btw. The laptop drivers are up to date, it has a clean installation of windows 10. Other than taking it to warranty repair, i don't really know what to do. Has anyone else experienced something similar?
Thank you!

Maybe someone knows how to disable the light from the lid completely? It would help, cause it's draining a lot of power when leaving it in sleep.