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ASUS Manager update on M32AD.

Level 7
Hi. I purchased an old but unused M32AD off ebay - Win 8.1, 4th Gem I5 and an Nvidia gtx760. It's neat. It took awhile to get Windows updated and I had to replace the PSU because of a noisy fan - probably why it sat neglected on a shelf somewhere for so many years.

I want to do as much updating as I can through ASUS Manager but the version I have is quite old. It doesn't identify any critical updates and I suspect it's because it's so out of date. When I go to the ASUS site for support I find a newer version but it requires I be updated to a less old version than what I have and that version is not listed.
I just went to the site to id what was there so I can better explain my issue and support for drivers and software is now missing - maybe ASUS stoped offering support for these older computers with the New Year. There were a number of updates available and I hope this is just temporary.