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ASUS Live Update within GPU Tweak II Doesn't Seem to do Anything

Level 7
Has anyone had Live Update actually notify there is an update for anything?

In the 1.5 years I have been using the software, I have never received a notification to there is an update available. I've tried different preferences in Live Update (auto-download, notify only, frequency "Always" and "Weekly") without any change in behavior.

Going to the "Info" tab in GPU Tweak, I see the version of Tweak that is running, updates "last checked" is the current date. Then I go to the support website for my GPU and see a newer version of GPU Tweak ready for download. 😞

Maybe I misunderstand the scope of the program -- is it supposed to keep GPU Tweak up to date? Or only drivers?

(Side-question: Is the latest BIOS for a Strix 1080 8G? My only complaint with the card is the default fan curve bouncing the fans when the temps jump between 54-55C...but I digress.)

Level 7
Same thing for me.

Live Update has never done anything no matter what setting I have. I can see it start running in Taskmanager when opening the info page but it never finds any new version.