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ASUS Hardware stable WITHOUT ASUS software

Level 7

since I purged all ASUS software and rolled to SignalRGB and I am using Rem0o for fan curve management, my system is solid.

Before, using Armoury Crate, fan curves would reset abnormally, devices would fail to be recognized on a regular basis. I had to re-install at least 3 times.

Why is it so hard for ASUS to get it right when a small bit of open source kit and some upstart awesome super small third party can come along and solve ALL of the issues with their ASUS's bloatware implementation?

ASUS, you suck so incredibly bad at software development. No really - all of your devs and designers should be forced to use AC all day, and take support calls. Two free pieces of software, and my system is operating flawalessly. Put your overblown, pathetic, rage inducing software designed to make managing YOUR hardware better on my system, and it does just the opposite. It makes things worse.

Get bent. Give SignalRGB a hefty grant for cleaning up your mess.