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Asus Halo low GPU usage demand

Level 7
I have been testing the asus Halo software with the ROG Terminal and i came to the concluison the lighting lags when the GPU usage is high.
If i play games and the GPU is at 100% usage, the lighting will not be smooth and will lag behind the screen image a fair bit.
If the GPU is not at 100%, halo works just fine.

My main issue with this is that i can get 75fps in all my games and my 2080 ti can keep up with them, but why can't halo behave propperly when the GPU is being well used? Is there any potential fix for this? The halo effect is a really amazing expecience but it gets ruined really fast by the delay.

Hope there is a fix soon or some explaination as there have not been any updates to the halo software in months.

Level 9
It seems asus has abandoned the software development. The one existed version is way too simple to unlock the potential of the Terminal device. I only use it with aura sync mode cuz halo is pointless right now. It needs huge improvments and needs to be added more option to use it standalone.Sure, it's sad for a such high priced device and i hope they will continue to fix it.:(