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Asus GPU Tweak or MSI Afterburner?

Level 7
Guys have an asus strix 1080ti oc and i wanted to ask which is better for overclocking? i know there is not difference in performance when it comes to the 2 software but which one is best at putting in the overclock into the card?

Level 12
I'd take EVGA PrecisionXOC over either of those.

chevell65 wrote:
I'd take EVGA PrecisionXOC over either of those.

can you show me what does precision look when is riding an asus card?

Level 7
I have used AB for years and prefer it over GPU Tweak for the simple fact of OSD.

However, AB and other monitoring apps is now conflicting with the last couple of Nvidia drivers when stress testing and causing BSOD, well documented at the Geforce forums and Reddit. More of Nvidia's fault really but it's there.

GPU Tweak Beta also now has OSD which is what i'm looking forward to, as i HAVE to have it installed as i have two Noctua's connected to the Strix 1080Ti. It'd be good tp get rid of AB / Rivatuner for good.

Level 8
I would prefer GPU Tweak (GT) over AfterBurner (AB) since it is an OEM software shipped with the Graphic Card. (Yes I do really know MSI did this part better than ASUS)

In the end of the day, being an ASUS user plus using its software is the way to improve their products as well as telling the developers to fix what they think it had been done correctly.

Level 10
GPU Tweak looses settings often, like 0db fan and the active profile, even if it is setup to load them on startup. Cannot recall a more badly written app.
Using MSI Aferburner for some time now and no problems.