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ASUS GPU Tweak 2 problem

Level 7

I just installed GPU Tweak 2 and tried it out for a few days, before it just stopped working. The program just won`t open when you click the icon. It seemed like a very nice little program, which is why I even bother asking in the forum.

What I have done: I have reinstalled ASUS GPU Tweak 2 several times, I have tried older versions of it, start the program "as administrator", etc.
What ASUS customer support said: First response was the usual generic "reset windows to factory settings"-reply. Second respons was "Hi! We have looked into this and it seems like the Tweak 2 software is not compatible with our PC models, it´s a software dedicated to our graphics cards only. That is why it doesn´t work. I am sorry for the inconvinience but I hope you understand. "
what NVIDA customer support said: "GPU Tweak 2 is an ASUS program, ergo NVIDIA cannot help you".

It seems like my ASUS laptop has an NVIDIA graphics card installed, and therefore is incompatible with ASUS Tweak 2 software. So my ASUS laptop cannot use this ASUS software, since GPU Tweak 2 is dedicated to ASUS graphics cards. This makes sense, allthough I find it a little bit strange at the same time. (I am a noob when it comes to software such as ASUS GPU Tweak 2, MSI Afterburner, etc., so there might be something I don`t get). (It is also a alittle on the side, but my goal with using Tweak 2 is lowering gpu-temperature to avoid throttling, which of course is an entire topic in it self) 🙂

My questions in short is:
Is it really impossible to use ASUS GPU Tweak 2 on my ASUS laptop which has an NVIDIA Graphics card installed?
Why did it seem to work fine for a couple of days before it just stopped opening? How come there is no "error-message" etc., it is just "nothing"?
Does this mean that ASUS have some kind of "lock" on GPU Tweak 2 so that it only works with ASUS graphics cards?

Does anyonye have advice on this matter?

My specs: ASUS ROG GL702VM (laptop), NVIDIA Geforce gtx 1060 6gb,