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asus gpu tweak 2 on GA502DU laptop

Level 7
hello so i am currently using the asus zephyrus ga502du laptop
i cant seem to use the GPU tweak 2 properly. Problem occurs when i open It (as admin) after the mouse loading show the screen suddenly freeze then i have to press power button off to on then after that logging in it suddenly Appears but still laggy with the graph monitor. terminating the asus gpu tweak 2 seems to be fine. using game boost is fine.
-asus gpu tweak 2 v2,1,3,2 -up to date
-asus live update v1.0.5.7 -up to date
-ryzen 7 3750H w/ radeon vega mobile gfx 2.30ghz
-gtx1660ti max Q driver V441.87 - up to date
-16gb ram 2400mhz
-AMD display optimization - Enabled
-asus armoury - up to date
-windows update - i download all of it
other Drivers&Tools to upgrade i dont know about that