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ASUS GL553VD can't boot Linux

Level 7
I bought the version with endless os installed, when i tried to install any other linux flavor i just got errors and i never got linux installed, i tried also installing first windows 8 to delete the endless os installation but the hdd was not detected by the windows 8 installer, finally i needed to open the back cover and dissasemble the hard drive. With the hard drive disassembled i formated it with easeus software in my desktop pc. Even so I could not install windows 8 but at least I managed to install windows 10. But now i'm trying to make a dual boot and i can't boot gparted live or any live os. Also when i open bios it still appears endless os as a boot priority. I'm getting really tired of this laptop and i'm thinking about returning it and buying another one, of course not a rog or asus one.