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Asus Gaming Center, Intel XTU, MSI Afterburner

Level 10
Hi all, haven't posted here in quite a while!

Anyway, I should be receiving my SCAR laptop today but I was wondering if there is any known weird software interactions between Asus Gaming Center (plus any other preinstalled software) & Intel XTU/MSI Afterburner??

I've read recommendations about using something like XTU to undervolt the CPU etc. and I do like Afterburner for the in-game display of GPU load, temps etc.

Thanks for any info.

Level 7

I have a GL703VM with latest ROG Gaming Center. I have tried to undervolt my cpu with XTU (-0.130) and ever since ROG Gaming Center shows 0 MHz for CPU. After reverting the undervolt, stop the XTU sensors, reinstalling Game Center, uninstalling XTU it still did not work. It only worked after I reinstalled the Game Center after removing XTU and any changes made with it to the CPU. So I conclude that there is a some strange interaction with the 2 programs.

Also Afterburner seems to not interact with it in any way. I did not use it for much though, just to show stats in game.