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Asus Gaming Center - GPU Perf Limiter malfunction

Level 7
I have an Asus GX501GI (Zephyrus with 8th gen i7 processor). Until yesterday everything was fine. But now I notice fps drops. It appears that GPU Perf Limiter is on Power instead on Utilization. It does switch to Utilization but only for short amounts of time. It is plugged into the wall and rebooting doesn't help.

EDIT: I just noticed that even if it will switch to the "Utilization" it's switching right back to "Power" when I start the game.

Level 7
I have a similar problem. The GPU Perf Limiter will stay in power mode after the computer wakes up from sleep, and will not go back until i restart.

So here we are - 2 years later and this issue is not resolved. I've send my Zephyrus under warranty to Asus, but they "did not detect any problems". Meanwhile I've provided a 7 different videos which show my issue (still have them, Asus still does not care)

I am very displeased with Asus and I'm pretty sure this is the last Asus I bought.