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[Asus Gamefirst V] How to adjust the basic speeds?

Level 7
This really is an issue. In today's world of high-speed networking, my connections for other software shouldn't be limited to 16/8mbps. We have gigabit internet connections, and the device using this software has multiple LAN ports capable of speeds in excess of that.

I do a lot of heavy file transfers to my servers, and sometimes I am doing this while I am gaming. The primary reason for using this software was to force the transfers on one network adapter, and to use the other one for games and other things.
However with the pathetic speed limitations imposed by this software, I cannot even play a game and chat in Discord at the same time!

Searching for a fix for this issue, just brings up threads and discussions complaining about this with no real answer outside of uninstalling the software. I'm literally better off using just one network connection and no software, than I am with three connections and the software that is supposed to make everything super.

From what I can see, it appears that most of the software configuration settings are stored in a database file gf.db. I theorize that we could edit some data in there to adjust the speeds from 16/8 to something more reasonable like 50/8 or 150/16. The values in the database don't make a lot of sense for the 16/8 limitation though, so it could be that these abhorrently small values are hard-coded into the software, or stored somewhere else.

In any case, how can we make the software actually useful on an internet connection from 2020. Currently it's stuck at speeds from the year 2000.

Level 7
Well no responses here, and opening a support ticket just had them send me a link to the manual, which wasn't helpful at all.

I wonder what it takes to get a real answer from Asus?

Level 9
I'd also like to know how to change the values for upload and download speed, i dont think you can, other board makers have better tools than this, all the vaules seem to be pre-set, even on user defined, should be able to set the values in user defined but cant, also i have a GT-AX11000 and because its set to https mode, GameFirst V cant login to it, this program is so broken, please update it @MASTERC@ROG