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Asus g73jw Bios

Level 7
So... I just eplaced my g73jw with a g750 since the g73 just had to many problems.
But i kinda fealt it was a waste to let the g73 collect dust, so i figured i'd just install Ubuntu server on it and let it be an upgrade to my current home server.

Problem is that even under Linux i still get the errors i had before.

What happens is that when i use windows i get random freezes that freezes everything including the sound and makes the sound just play the last "note" it was on in a way that makes you throw youself of the chair in panic while reaching for the power button.

And running linux is a bit better, now i only get lag spikes that seems to sort them self out after about 5-10 sec.

I'w concidered heat, memory, hdd and even updated to the latest bios for the g73jw but none seems to be the cause.

My question now is this:
Is it possible to use the g73jh bios on the jw, that one seems to have been updated alot more then the one i'm using now, and tbh it doesn't seem to be much diffrence in the models.

Level 7
If computer freezes and sound is in infite loop, then graphic card is overheating. There are special coolers for laptops. You could try one of those.

Level 7
huh... thats sucks 😄
I guess i could add a cooling pad of some sort but i'd rather tru clocking down the GPU instead. not that i use it on ubuntu server anyway 😛