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Asus Fan Xpert 3 with a Z-170A - fans always spinning

Level 7

I wanted to fine tune my Corsair LL120 fans so they didn't spin up during regular use.

I ran the fan utility in the BIOS and then used the optimiser feature in the Fan Xpert 3 utility.

Things are worse now though as even at 0%, my fans are set to spin at 600+ rpm.

How can I get back to where some of the lower percentages had 0 rpm ?

I've attached a snap of one of the fans. The other looks the same.


Level 7
Actually, reading further and looking at the specs of my black LL120s, I see this -

Speed 600 - 1500 RPM

So, that may explain why I now have those numbers at the bottom of the range.

How can this be right though ?

I previously had some zero RPMs for one of the fans.

If I want a silent 'Silent' mode, the fans will need to stop spinning. IE. No power pulses to them. Is this actually possible ?


Level 7
I think you only get stop options if you change the fan from PWM to DC, in DC mode it allows us to set the fan to stop, for some reason it doesn't do this in PWM mode. It is likely you had the fans set to DC mode and the software changed that.