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@Asus Big Wigs: Sort your software out to revive your reputation!!

Level 8
To the big wigs @asus:

We pay good money for the hardware and expect to have great software to go along with that price point... I have seen so many of your loyal customers complaining about the same issues time and time again yet you say and do nothing SERIOUS about it.

Please hire better developers/coders so your customers know and can see that not only do we buy amazing hardware from you but the software that runs said amazing hardware is of the same calibre. I have seen and heard so many people say "yeah the hardware is great, but it's just the software that I don't like so I'm going to use (insert other brand here)".

You are fast building a reputation for it and from a business stand point surely that is unacceptable... Or do you want this stigma associated with your products?