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Asus Aura Teams up With Corsair ICUE

Level 10
Asus has now teamed up with Corsair to let their ICUE software control the boards. Simply install the latest Aura Sync but don't run it. Head over to Corsair's forum and grab the Asus plugin for it. Install it and you can now control all the board lighting.

Ram is not working unless you have Corsair's ram. Hopefully, they will add more support for more peripherals as well from other companies and more boards later on.

I really appreciate Asus listening to all our complaints and asking them to let Corsair fix their software. It can only get better from this point on out. As I always noted we need one software to control all RGB lighting. Or let it all control everything and we choose what we want to use. Baby steps are fine at this point though. We now have our foot int he door.

Youtube announcement for it:

Corsair's forum link and plugin:

I posted this in another thread. I felt it deserved a front-page post so everyone could see it.

Level 13
Worked then it didnt. Upgraded FW on MOBO now Aura wont launch and even armory crate doesnt see it. Tried every version even the ancient one thats still on the RVIE downloads page. None of them work. zero control over anything AURA. Only choice I had after it went bezerk was to power down, pull the plug then wait a few minutes and power it back up into the default profile. So only MOBO is running default AURA profile as the other choice was dark as in nothing lit. ASUS cards plugged into PCIE slots also failed and went dark..

Level 15
Yes, that’s what I was referring to. The live dash oled display. If iCUE doesn’t support that I likely won’t use it. I have had so many problems with crate I would like to abandon it. I have used iCUE for my PSU but wondered if there was a conflict between crate and iCUE. I didn’t install iCUE with my last windows install but continue with issues with crate regardless. I’m a bit afraid to install iCUE now as I think I read somewhere the plugin is incorporated in the installer package. Will this mess things up again? I don’t know.

Thanks for your reply.*
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Level 7
Substituting one piece of crap software for another. Well done asus. Clearly the leader of innovation here.

JeffMD wrote:
Substituting one piece of crap software for another. Well done asus. Clearly the leader of innovation here.

What would you rather them do? Keep their rgb silo'd and not report any monitoring information at all? Maybe try offering something constructive if you do reply.

Level 7
Would be nice if the newer Asus grapic cards that sync with Aura also where included.

Level 7
Just to update, I have downloaded the latest icue and it is now support plugin for my ROG strix GPU85608

This stopped working in 4.15 ... any updates on a new plugin to fix the issue?
Thank you!